About Makam Group

With over two decades in the formulation business, Makam Group has the requisite expertise and experience in oral dosage, injectibles, and herbal drug development, process & design implementation, and commercial scale manufacturing. Makam Group, in line with its mission, adopts quality as a philosophy of life, makes use of advanced technology, operates production at international standards, develops economical products, emphasizes for human & animal health,customer-oriented and is open for continuous development.

What We Do

  • Process & design implementation
  • Modern facilities with the best in class equipment
  • Product development across broad range of therapeutic categories
  • Huge manufacturing capacities
  • On time delivery
  • Highly competitive pricing
  • Excellent environment and safety record

Our Standards

  • Schedule M & cGMP facility
  • GMP Sterile Injection Manufacturing
  • Installed Capacity
  • Tablets: 240 million per annum
  • Liquids: 1 million bottles per annum
  • Fill Speed:120 vials/min of liquid Products,10 cc vials
  • Small scale commercial Batches


  • Experience and expertise
  • Over two decades of presence in formulation business
  • Qualified and experienced staff
  • Long standing contract service with leading pharmaceutical companies
  • Facilities are approvable by other regulatory bodies

Our Advantages

  • Benefits of Partnering with Makam Group
    Makam Group is experienced, creative, and flexible and we are committed to our partnerships. Makam Group brings its expertise and collaborative culture to building products in long-term relationships with innovative organizations. We partner with you because you and your partnered products are important to us.
  • Relationship Process
    Process is simple, fast and partner oriented. Once an inquiry is received, it is evaluated by concerned departments such as business development and technical for technical and commercial potentiality. We are driven and we maintain quality, reliability, transparency, and confidentiality at all times as we are building foundation for a longstanding relationship.
  • Credentials
    Supreme - Quality of Products and Services, Just and fair - approach to all customers, Reckon vendors - as part of the company, Priority - to all statutory requirements, Accept competition - as a part of business ethics, Culture - of excellence, Understand & care - for social responsibility

Makam Group Welcomes

We pledge to provide material of desired standards that is equivalent to international quality to our esteemed customers. We process and market a range of products to cater all sectors of customers and our product range includes

  • Formulation Development
  • Semi-finished Dosage Development
  • Finished & Semi-Finished Formulation manufacturing
  • API's & Excepients Supply
  • Job Work for processed water
  • Supply of Packaged drinking water (coming soon) for events
  • Export requirements
  • C & F Agencies
  • Feed Supplements

Our Facilities

Dry & Liquid Injectable

Dry Sterile Injectable

Small Volume Liquid Parenteral

Large Volume Liquid Parenteral


Dry Syrups

Dry Syrups in HDPE bottles

Dry Powder in Sachets

Dry Powder for Intra Uterine


Tablets & Capsules

Tablets of all shape and sizes


Hard Gelatin Capsules

Soft Gelatin Capsules

Syrups & Suspensions

Oral Suspension

External Applications

Herbal Products

Intra Uterine Suspensions

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